Tuesday, 20 December 2016


One thing you may find when reading through my blog or tweets is that I love a hat. I thought it was only best that I start by writing about these amazing creations. 

I guess, I have always loved a hat, and I really think my friends and family are starting to get the hint as I received a variety of hats over Christmas.

A hat can really define an outfit and I really think it can change the style from a night out whether it be for dinner or party, to a causal shopping spree or even a walk with the dog. It does not matter where you are, a hat is always suitable for any occasion.

I am a huge fan of a trilby hat and have started buying them. I love that just like handbags, they come in different sizes and to be honest that's what appeals to me. 

Finding a good hat is never too hard but it can depend on what you're looking for. Here are some websites that have always impressed me with their collections and I know, I will leave with a purchase;

river island.com

So don't be afraid of buying a hat!!! It doesn't matter what size the hat is, with the right outfit,the hat will definitely bring out a little style to anyone's wardrobe. 


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