Monday, 26 May 2014

My love of bracelets!!!

I have always loved my jewellery and you will never see me without wearing some sort of silver; fact!!!
I wear all sorts of jewellery; from rings to statement necklaces and trust me, there are some amazing collections out there. If you have not seen any lately...where have you been!!!  

However my real love is bracelets and having a wrist full. To be honest, you can ask my friends and family that they are one of the statements that define me! My love for them grew when I received my first personal bracelet at 16 and then for my 17th when received my first ever Tiffany and Co bracelet. Ever since, my admiration for them has grown and continues to grow.

My everyday wear

It doesn't matter how many I wear, there are particular ones that will never leave my wrist. I love my bracelets and all of them are very special to me; they have either been given to me by special people or I have purchased at important times in my life. My favourite ones are the ones that have been engraved. I use to wear several with people's names on, but then I was told about an amazing company that create personalised jewellery; Merci Maman. 
My bracelets carry the names of special people in my life. 

Merci Maman (translates to Thank You Mum) are a French Company which first came to light in 2007 in the UK. Their incredible hand-engraved jewellery was designed to keep your loved ones "close to you", and that's exactly what they do. Every time I have entered their workshop, they have always been so welcoming and it reflects on their products. Their collection consists of a range of different charms (come in both silver and gold) which are linked together on string, which you choose from a variety of amazing colours; makes the choosing process somewhat difficult but enjoyable (thank goodness, you can go and change the strings) But do not be afraid if you are not a bracelet lover like me, they also have necklaces and other products that will definetly catch your eye.

                                                     Princess of Cambridge spotted wearing a Merci Maman necklace

So please have a look. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Lots of love 

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