Sunday, 8 June 2014

It's that time of year...DETOX!!!!

It gets to that time of year were you are going to the gym more than ever, trying all sorts of crazy diets and just trying to eat healthy!!! Yes summer is soon around the corner, which means holidays and...BIKINIS!!!

I am a little sceptical when it comes to trying new health related products, as I have heard some scary stories in the past. But I have always wanted to try something that would be safe and help with the results that I was looking for. I started reading through blogs (as well as celebrity sites) of people who also wanted to kick start their summer bodies and I kept hearing about this tea; BooTea!!!

After doing a little research about the product, I started drinking the BooTea detox tea. I drank it for two weeks and felt really good after drinking it. I enjoyed it so much that I recently bought another batch (this time the 28 days). I did see some results and felt that it did help with my system. If you like the taste of herbal tea, then this is one to try.

I am not going to say that just by drinking this, you will see results quickly; it is still important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle, but this tea is one to try if you want to add something to support you in the bikini conquest. 
So sit back and enjoy a nice cuppa!!

Lots of love

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