Sunday, 31 August 2014

Holidays and bucket lists!!!

Now, we all have a bucket list of places that we would like to visit, some of them we get to visit and sadly for most of us they are just a pipe dream.
When I was asked if I would like to go to (check this out) Las Vegas, my first reaction was "oh no, that's a long flight" but seeing as this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and above all a year of change for me, I jumped at the offer and booked my ticket!!! 

The countdown to the holiday was both exciting and stressful in terms of my summer wardrobe. What do you wear!!!!! Everything in my wardrobe just didn't seem to fit the bill, especially as I wear a lot of black and dark colours. Vegas is a place of colour and fun!!! I will talk more about this in a bit. 

I have had a fear of flying since a young age and the anxiety of sitting in a little space just makes me feel sick, but I still do it because I am determined not to be beaten by this fear. I fly at least twice a year so I know what to expect the night before I fly and during the day. However, flying with an amazing group of people really helped this experience seem less terrifying and I was able to relax slightly and enjoy this 10 hour journey. 

Vegas, is a country of its own!!! I didn't know what to expect and just thought of it as a place of gambling and as the saying goes "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" but my opinions of this place changed as soon as I landed. I fell in love with it straight away. There is so much to do and see that even two weeks (which is a lot for a place like Vegas) is not enough. 
The pool parties, whether day or night are brilliant, the food amazing and the cocktails are to die for.
One place I would recommend is Gordon Ramsay BUGR; oh and try the skinny won't be disappointed with this drink. 

Oh and ladies, let's not forget the shopping!!!!!


Going back to fashion, there was a lot of colour in my outfits but I did also stick to my comfort zone; black. With the 40 degree heat, you need to wear things that are comfortable. Shorts are the best option and I love a good playsuit. However, a bit of advice, you may want to take something to cover your shoulders as it may be hot outside but their air-con inside may give you a little chill. Kimonos are great for that. Oh and one more thing, take a hat(of course I would say that); they always complete an outfit. Here are just a couple of outfits that I wore;

                                                                                               Beach playsuit from

                                                                    Baggy playsuit; suitable for a day of shopping or to be by the pool

                                                                     One of May favourite beach maxi dress with split from Miss Selfridge 

                                     For a casual evening out I wore my kimono and black cami, both from, sandals from pull and bear

For an evening out I wore a white playsuit from, kimono from Lipsy, necklace from a little boutique in Vegas and sandals from Pull and Bear.

So, I guess where I am going with this, is that you can tick things of your bucket list and you can achieve things if you put your mind to it. Going to Vegas was a big accomplishment for me. I never thought I would ever go. I went on a long flight, I went with amazing people who made the trip what it was for me and I had a fabulous time. 
I cannot wait to go again. There are a lot of amazing deals out there, so if you are thinking about going to Vegas (which I think you should) then check out some travel bundles (or deals) here.Time to tick of the next place on the bucket list.
You can do it too!!! 

Lots of love 


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