Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey - our adult version of Frozen.

I want to talk about the phenomenon of this film. Now I know there will be some people who may look at this post and ask why am I writing it. But let's be is everywhere!!! Yes I have read the books (several times) and I was a little nervous as to how the film was going to look like; whether it was will stick to the book, whether it will be tasteful etc. Answer; it is all of that. Obviously the film cannot have everything in the book but it was well done. There are people who were expecting more s&m in the film, you clearly haven't read the book as if you take away all the rope and leather, it is just a romantic love story of two people who have never been in love before and test out eachother's boundaries. When reading the book, this is what I loved about it. I am a hopeless romantic so to see it on screen, I was over the moon (apart from having a massive crush on Jamie Dornan since the once upon a time years). 

There are times in your life when a book, a song (avecii - wake me up) or a film, comes into your life when you are going through a difficult time. This book has been like that for a lot of people, myself included. So yesterday, my very good friend and I decided to become fans for the day and queued up for hours (6 hours to be precise). Sometimes you just need those days to feel like a teenage fan, ha! Yes I am aware of my age. 

E.L.James was amazing!!! A lovely person and she doesn't just sign your book, she actually wants to talk to you and  ask you questions. I have not met many 'celebs' in my time but I have known some to be quite difficult. Even after her books selling millions and the film becoming a global hit, she still seems as humble as anyone else. Thank you E.L.James. I think a lot of women owe you a lot!!! 

You could say that this film has been a huge hit for adults just like Frozen was for children and I cannot wait to see how the other 2 books are portrayed on the screen.

Laters baby 


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