Saturday, 21 November 2015

Welcome Gigi

Gosh where did the time go? I swear October was here like two minutes ago. 

This was meant to be an October favouorites piece but to be honest, there was only one thing taking the center stage in this post so I changed it slightly. 

I would like to introduce everyone to Gigi. This is the newest member of my family. She arrived towards the end of October and I have not been able to put her down ever since. 


I bought it second hand, after a lot of research and I couldn't be happier. The reason why I bought the mini version is because all my bags are either really big or just not always practical. I always feel that the bigger the bag, the more stuff I tend to put in it. Trust me when I say, I pack everything. Worst of all, I am a little neat freak and my bag has to be in order. I hate just throwing things in. 

But now with this small bag, I cannot do that and it has become a challenge. 

It was quite difficult going from a big bag to a small bag and eliminating stuff became really difficult (even now I still worry that I have not got enough in my bag). But it also meant that I could de-clutter. It's quite therapeutic. I love a bag that I can wear in different styles; whether it be on the shoulder, holding it, on my wrist or across the the body like a messenger. With Winter now upon us and Christmas just around the corner, having a bag that I can wear across my body is perfect for all those shopping bags that I would need to carry. 


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