Friday, 18 December 2015

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I love love LOVE Christmas!!!! 

It is my favourite time of year. Although I am one of those who leaves shopping to the last minute, I love all the hustle and bustle that comes with it. The Christmas parties, the mulled wine, running around looking for presents, blasting Christmas music anywhere without being judged, the amount of food you end up eating from now until then (and after) and of the only times it is ok to wear the craziest Christmas jumpers in town! I just can't get enough.

I wanted to take these outside but with a hectic schedule, getting the perfect light was proving to be tricky and I really wanted this to go out before Christmas. So they had to be done indoors. 

Christmas jumpers have now become a really popular thing. It was the type of thing that you would have been embarrassed to open and made to wear for Christmas dinner. Well not any more. With everyone (and I mean everyone) coming out with their own designs, embarrassing Christmas jumpers have become a thing of the past and we are now welcomes with stylish, funny and sometimes naughty jumpers. 

Here are some of my favourite Christmas jumpers around. Click on the links to send you the jumpers shown. Happy Xmas shopping!!!!



  1. Cute sweaters and beanie :)
    Maria V.

    1. Thank you. Hope you managed to buy a jumper for Christmas.


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