Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Playing dress up.

I love playing dress up. Especially when it's an item that you don't always get to wear every day. I was lucky to be invited to an event at Zaeem Jamal's shop in Chelsea. The dresses in this shop are to amazing!

Zaeem Jamal is a great designer whose dresses are a real piece of art. Each dress has its own story. I love how they have a hint of Mediterranean and eastern fashion to them. Think Sex in the City in Abu Dhabi. 

Now being the 'lil' shorty that I am, some of the dresses were a little too long for me, but it didn't stop me from trying a few on. One of my favourites was a purple number. It reminded me a lot of Alexander McQueen and his style. I loved the red outfit that was displayed on the window (the one on the right). It was an amazing jumpsuit. 

Zaeem Jamal also has a lovely collection of wedding dresses that also fit his criteria. Trust me, I was tempted but thought better of it for now. There is always next time. I would definitely recommend coming here if you have a special event coming up. 

Visit Zaeem Jamal's shop on the Kings Road in Chelsea (opposite bluebird). 


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