Thursday, 21 January 2016

The coat!!!

Now that winter is truly upon us, we need to invest in a good item that will keep us warm throughout...the winter coat!!!!

Now I don't know about you but I love a coat. I do not have a particular style of coat...all coats are welcome. I am not one for layers, in fact, I hate layers, so finding a good warm coat that I can wear with just a jumper or long sleeved top is vital. 

I do think, that you should have a coat for different occasions. I have a coat for walking the dogs, work, and just a general everyday one. However this doesn't mean I have to stick to these categories; spice it up...mix it up!!!! A coat needs to be fitted or well suited. People who know me, know that I love to buy things 5 sizes too big for me so that they are baggy, but you cannot and should not do this with a coat. A coat should be fitted or at least comfortable with a thick jumper underneath. After all, you are wearing it in the winter. 

A good coat  can or will complete your style; it could even be the killer statement. 

Coat - Zara
High Waisted Trousers - Zara
Black vest - H&M

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