Sunday, 15 May 2016

What music motivates you in the gym?

I cannot go to the gym without my music!!! 

This may sound really strange but music is so important when it comes to me going to the the gym and being at the gym. It is almost as important as the outfit I wear, the water bottle I take or the trainers I use. Yes music is a part of my gym attire. It is my motivation. Don't laugh, but even when I am walking to the gym, if a good tune comes on, there is a small bounce in my step, a little wiggle in my hips and bam! I think I am in a music video. Beyonce, watch your chic walk is coming along!! 

When I am not training with my PT Alex, I need music. It zones me out and I am in my own little bubble ready to work out and kick some booty (well I try to). My music varies from old to new, slow to fast (I need something to help me cool down) and lets not forget a little bit of Justin Bieber (we are all secret beliebers). Sadly, I lost all my music not that long ago, but finding old tunes and new ones that I can include is part of the fun. I always have at the back of my mind, ' Will I be able to lift or squat to this tune?' HA! My music varies depending on what part of my body I am working on. Like I said, music is part of my workout. So Beats at the ready,it's time to workout. 

So what music motivates you when in the gym? 

Monday, 9 May 2016

Fashion, Farfetch and Me.

Where do I start?? I don't know if fashion has always been in me; that is something I would need to ask my mum. But what I can say is that fashion is now a part of me. I don't mean always following the latest trends (that to me is not fashion). Fashion is about being creative, unique and always adding a bit of personality.  
One of my favourite online fashion houses Farfetch recently emailed me and asked me to be a part of their amazing competition (how could I say no). Farfetch are amazing! They deliver everything from fashion, to incredible shoes to make up and if you have not visited their page before then please make that a priority on your list of things to do today. You will not regret it. I didn't know where to start with this piece but after reading 'The Fashion Blogger's content pack', mapping it out and having a little think, I knew exactly how I wanted this piece to go. Farfetch interviewed several bloggers and boutiques (it holds up to 400 fashion boutiques offering you an inspiring shopping experience). So what I decided to do is use the questions asked and create my own interview with Farfetch about me, my style and why I love using Farfetch. 

So...When Farfetch met Lilcrissy ;)

How would you describe your style?
My style is a mixture of styles. It definitely depends on how I am feeling that day, what I look like that morning (sometimes a bad hair day changes everything) or the weather.  One thing I will say about my style is that you will always (99% of the time) find an item of black clothing on me. I love wearing black. 

What is your niche?
This was a little blurry at the start of creating my blog but after reading/researching and looking at my Instagram, my niche kind of came to me. Being only 5ft, sometimes styles do not always suit me, and when you see them on the catwalk, you want them to look like that on you so I have to find what is out there and make it work for a lil shorty like me. It is what inspired my blog name and also my moto; You do not need to be tall to wear amazing clothes. I am also a gym gal so I wanted to work on health and fitness and share my experience at the gym but also what I put together to go to the gym. 

What do you believe to be your first true fashion purchase? What made you buy it?  
This answer is easy! It was my Balenciaga bag. It was the 'it' bag when I was growing up. My style icons at the time were (and still are some of my favs) Nicole Ritchie and Sienna Miller. When I saw the bag on them, my love for it was immediate. I bought a second hand blue one until I was finally able to purchase my very own black one. I have so much love for it. 

Who is your favourite designer?
Obviously Chanel. But I love Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Celine and Burberry. Luckily are few of these are on the Farfetch app. 

What types of photos would you say receive the biggest engagement on Instagram?
You will see that most of my pictures are done in front of a mirror. It will be what I am wearing that day or an outfit I have just put together. I think that they are the ones that get the most likes because they are outfits that anybody can put together. They are not complicated. They are pieces you can wear again and again. There are items on there that I have worn more than once (but change the way I wear it) and that you can dress up and dress down which is what I love in an outfit.

Which influencers did you use to follow before becoming a blogger? 
I follow a few people. Some I still follow today and if I ever need inspiration I would go to them (and Pinterest); Sincerely Jules, Lydia Elise Millen, Lovely Pepa and Trendy Taste

What's on your Farfetch fashion wish list at the moment?
I have a few things on my Farfetch wish list BUT one in particular. That is Givenchy Medium Antigona bag. I LOVE this bag!!!! I have the mini Antigona but it is not always practical for everyday wear. That's what I love about the Medium size one. 


Friday, 6 May 2016

Ticking your Bucket List

This is not my ordinary blog piece. It has nothing to do with fitness or fashion...but I will try to add a little chic to it. 

We all have dreams and desires. I have a bucket list of things I would like to do and places I would like to visit. Before I started this blog I would say my bucket list was very different to what it is now. Although some of the same things are on there, my desire to do them has now grown. It's funny what a change in direction will do to your life. 

We all know how much I loved my trip to Vegas and to this day, it is my favourite holiday ever. But the trip I went to next has probably made it joint first. 

My love for Paris has always been there. I have wanted to go for as long as I remember. I always thought of walking around those Persian streets, walking to all those amazing shops, sitting outside a lovely cafe drinking and eating their amazing patisserie. Yes Paris has always been a dream of mine. And finally, my dream came true. 

My sister surprised me with an amazing break to Paris to celebrate my birthday. To say I was lost for words is an understatement. Nobody has ever surprised me to this level before. I am and will always be truly grateful for this. Thank sis. 

Not only did we get to walk the streets of Paris, but I also got to live a childhood dream...DISNEYLAND!!!!!!! Walking through the doors and I could hear my 8 year old self screaming from inside. Whoever said you are too old for Disney? 

Of course being a fashion lover, there was one place I did have to visit; Chanel. I love that building. You soon forget about the hustle and bustle outside and you are in a fragrant dream of tweed material, quilted bags and CC logos. Yes, I could've been there for hours. 

This trip has made me really appreciate a lot; my sister for one. But also the fact that I could actually tick things of my bucket list. Some are easier to do than others but hey, if they were all easy, we wouldn't really call it a bucket list. 

So onto the next item on the list...

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