Sunday, 15 May 2016

What music motivates you in the gym?

I cannot go to the gym without my music!!! 

This may sound really strange but music is so important when it comes to me going to the the gym and being at the gym. It is almost as important as the outfit I wear, the water bottle I take or the trainers I use. Yes music is a part of my gym attire. It is my motivation. Don't laugh, but even when I am walking to the gym, if a good tune comes on, there is a small bounce in my step, a little wiggle in my hips and bam! I think I am in a music video. Beyonce, watch your chic walk is coming along!! 

When I am not training with my PT Alex, I need music. It zones me out and I am in my own little bubble ready to work out and kick some booty (well I try to). My music varies from old to new, slow to fast (I need something to help me cool down) and lets not forget a little bit of Justin Bieber (we are all secret beliebers). Sadly, I lost all my music not that long ago, but finding old tunes and new ones that I can include is part of the fun. I always have at the back of my mind, ' Will I be able to lift or squat to this tune?' HA! My music varies depending on what part of my body I am working on. Like I said, music is part of my workout. So Beats at the ready,it's time to workout. 

So what music motivates you when in the gym? 


  1. Yeah I completely agree that good music is very important to motivate in the gym. I can never exercise without listening to music. Along with good music, comfortable and stylish workout clothes also inspire people to work out hard. Isn’t that true?

    1. Totally agree with that. That's exactly what gets me to the gym. It's a bit like a tick list.


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