Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The white tee

This month, the item I have chosen is the white tee. Now before you press the x button and decide that this is a boring piece, hear me out. The white t-shirt should be popular in its own right and I am here to fight its corner. 

Ok, so you may think that the white tee is not the most exciting of choices, but it is one of my go to pieces. Yes, I know it's white and not black (even I can surprise you). The white tee can make an outfit look just as cool as if you were wearing a cami or even a shirt. Its not just for slouchy days at home or for a casual Sunday. 

Now you all know that I love a baggy top and I was thinking of an outfit that I could wear for a work night out. I wanted something that was simple but cool and with a bit of edge. I love this baggy t-shirt from Alexander Wang. Team this tee with a leather skirt and heeled boots and you have an outfit for the evening. For a more casual look with the same outfit, swap your heels for a pair of converse and you have a cool rock chick outfit. Add a necklace to it to give it a more feminine touch. I am sure I have now won you over. 

It is  something that will always be there for you, whether it be for a night out, a nice lunch/dinner somewhere or a night in. With a nice statement necklace and some smart trousers, it will make you look hot at work. So before you ignore the white tee completely, remember that your white tee is one of your good friends but above all; the white tee is more than just a t-shirt...it is an investment. 

White t-shirt - Alexander Wang (mens)
Leather Skirt - old (click here for similar ones)
Boots - Office (click here for similar ones)


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