Thursday, 25 August 2016

Flying and anxiety.

Now the summer is here and for some of us that means going away and enjoying the sun, sea and of course sangria. 

I have mentioned my fear of flying  before and the panic I have before we take off. 
I thought I would do a post about my anxiety and how I deal with it. I know I am not the only one out there so if I can share any rituals or things I do to keep me calm, hopefully it'll help you too. 

I went to Mexico a while ago to celebrate my mums' birthday. Getting on a 10 hour flight had been on my mind at least a week before I was leaving. I know I am one to overthink things, I have been told this many times. I'm not one who likes taking things such as pills or Valium (and I do not judge anybody who does have to as I know everyone needs to that something that will help them) when I travel so as hard as it is for me to fly, I know I have to do it. I know it sounds odd but I have little rituals that I have to do when travelling. I know, I'm odd at times. The only thing I try to think about when I am flying is that if I don't fly, I don't see all the wonderful things out there. This is what keeps me going? 

My top 5 things when travelling and what you should pack:


Music is vital (and not just for the gym). As soon as that seat belt sign goes off, I will put my music on. What you listen to is up to you, but play something that is upbeat and will help you feel like you are killing time. 

My ipad is my travel buddy. I use it for so many different things.
With my music now on I like to read my book and get stuck into it. I have downloaded the books so they are on my iPad. But a book or even kindle works just as well. 

Not all flights come with films (especially short haul flights). So if I am not reading my book or listening to music, I watch a film. This keeps me focused and by the time the film finishes it is normally time to land. If it is a long haul flight then enjoy the pick of the list. 

Colouring in
This was my new favouirte time killer. There are so many colouring books aimed at adults out there. I love them and all my friends have them to kill time. They are also really therapeutic. Just don't forget your colours. 

I guess the biggest thing I am trying to say is, keep your mind busy. That way you will not over think about the flight. Deep breathes as you sit on that chair. Don;t let flying restrict you from seeing the world. I had an amazing time in Mexico. It was an experience I wish to repeat. 


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  1. Dein Koffer gefällt mir! :P
    Ich hoffe du überwindest deine Angst, schliesslich ist fliegen nicht annähernd so gefährlich wie autofahren. Aber verstehe es trotzdem. Ich kriege auch immer ein mulmiges Gefühl beim Start.^^

    Alles Liebe,
    Lisa von | Instagram


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