Thursday, 2 February 2017

Never too short for knee high boots - February favourites

I hope everyone has managed to survive the January blues (that had to be the longest month ever). The cold weather is truly upon us. I said I would start doing my clothing favourites again every month. This will be an item that I think would be appropriate for the month, or something that I have fallen in love with and want to share it with you. 

My item this month has to be over the knee high boots. I may have mentioned (like 100 times) that my style has changed over the last 3 years and I love trying out new things. I like giving things a go and believe me I do sometimes get it wrong. 

Now as I am a lil shorty (hence the name), I put these boots to the back of my mind for a long time thinking that I was far too short for them, that they wouldn't suit me and that only tall people could wear them. How wrong was I!!!!!! 

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Ladies...they fit perfectly! I purchased these lovely pair from New Look. They look amazing with short skirts, t-shirt dresses and even jeans. They do not look silly, they cover enough leg that will keep you warm but look stylish and they are comfortable. When I go out, I like to wear dresses (mainly because I don't wear them often).

We shouldn't have to hide those legs during this cold weather (even though we probably want to) and the knee high boot is a great substitute for those evening/nights you want to show a bit of leg but still stay warm. As they say, 'These boots were made for walking'. 


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