Thursday, 16 March 2017

March - item of the month

This item really shouldn't just be for the month I thought it would be a good idea to make you more aware of them. We use them all the time. I absolutely love them. 

Yes I am talking about the handbag! My love for handbags really begun thanks to Sienna Miller and Nicole Richie and a certain Balenciaga bag. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag and it is still one my favourite bags to date. I bought my first one in blue when I was at Uni. It was a blue motorcycle bag. I loved it. I used it to death. When I say this I mean that the colour went a horrible colour because of so much use. Don't worry readers, the bag is being repaired as we speak. What I loved about the bag was that it has character, it has a bit of edge to it and to those who know me, will know that I too have a bit of edge when it comes to my wardrobe. 

My collection started there and gradually began to grow. Since then I have built on my Balenciaga family and also introduced other members to the small collection. My current favourite hangbags are my Givenchy Antigona bags. Now I have to admit now, that no I do not earn lots of money. Every bag that I buy I think about first and save for it. Not all my bags are bought straight from the shops either; some are second hand. This is also a reason why it also takes me a while to buy a bag. I check that they are 100% legit. I do not mind if they are second hand as I always think that I will give them a loving home. But please, before you purchase, make sure that it is genuine. 

My favourite bags are bags that I can use for different occasions. In particular bags that I can wear across my body. So what next for my collection. One of my dream bags is a Chanel jumbo. This bag is a classic and one that I will always love. This bag I would buy from the store as I would love to experience tho whole Chanel experienceBuying this bag would be a dream, but right now it is only a dream. So...what's your favourite bag?? 


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