Sunday, 21 January 2018

Get it done with a to do list...

So now that we are a few weeks into the New Year, how is everybody getting on with their resolutions? 

People always think that New Years mean new resolutions, changing yourself, taking something on or giving something up. Why? What was wrong with the old you? I use to be the same and think that I would have to start something new, like getting fit and healthy at the beginning of every year and go the gym; I chose to do that at a different time in my life and I've stuck to it. You don't have to change just because it is a new year. 

What I will say is this...the best advice that was given to me and now that I swear by is to have a to do list. Trust me people, it was the best thing I did. It definitely clears your mind for some more head space too and you can get a decent night sleep. 

I have a very important job which requires a lot deadlines and things that need to get done. As well as that, I have other commitments and trust me it can get a little overwhelming and busy in my little head. I would be awake for hours while everything was going around in my head of what I had to do. So the best thing I did was to write things down and that's when things started to get done. It really does clear the mind. 

I am old school and and the old pen and paper is my preferable choice. Those that know me will know that I LOVE stationary and so for me its another reason to go and purchase one a new notepad (trust me, soon I'll be able to open my very own stationary shop). I have written some of my tips of getting through a to do list or a list that works well for you.

1. Do not let it go past 1-2 pages. 
This clearly depends on the size of your notepad. I tend to go for smaller ones so that I can fit them in my bags and carry them with me. However if you are at work and have it for the day, I would say aim for half a page of things to get through. Otherwise you will never get it done. 

2. Tick it off. 
This may seem like an obvious one but trust me, the amount of times I forget to tick things off that I have done has been ridiculous. 

3. Be realistic.
Again, this may sound like an obvious one but in actual fact it might not always be the case. There are things that may need a longer time and may not be able to get done quickly. Maybe colour code what needs to be done that day/week/month. This might be another good reason to talk about stationary again. 

4. Do not stress.
I may not have a resolution but this is something that I am going to be working on this year. The to do list s to help you to destress. By having it written down and in front of you makes it real. You will want to tick that off. It makes you feel that you have accomplished something and who does;t feel good when you have ticked something of your list and accomplished it. 

Okay, I know I am no expert but these tips are what I use to follow to make sure that I do not lay awake at night thinking 'I must remember this' or 'I must ring that person to do that'. It really does't help with you. These tips are only suggestions. I hope they help.  


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