Hello lovelies and welcome to my lil blog. 

This is my lil world where I will be sharing my interests from anything and everything related to fashion, health and fitness and lifestyle. 

have always loved putting pieces together but being only 5" means that not everything I see works well on me. So I decided to create my own blog to show you what I am wearing, what items are out there that have caught my eye and find outfits from our amazing high streets to create a piece of art that will make you feel confident, comfortable and above all stylish.

I am also a gym fan. My lifestyle/ health and fitness pages will tell you how I am getting on with my progress, what I am wearing to the gym and what I am doing. 

I hope you really enjoy what I have to say, and please stay and have a look around. If you have any question, you can contact me , join me on twitter for a little chat or have a look at more pictures on instagram

Lots of love
Lil Crissyr xx

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