Monday, 21 May 2018

Am I a blogger? Only time will tell.

This is a question I have been asking myself over the last few weeks. 

Am I a blogger? 

What makes a blogger? The answer is...I don't know. I have been writing for the last few years and although I enjoy doing it, I go back to my original question; am I a blogger? 

I guess to some respect I could be classified as a blogger because well, I do blog! But if that is the case than I would say I am a small blogger. I am so thankful to those who read and follow me both on my blog and Instagram. They make me continue to write. 

I  use to want to be like every other bloggers that I follow. I wanted to have thousands of likes, be mentioned by other bloggers, work with big brands and build a little space for myself. I learnt early on that you shouldn't compare yourself and your work to anybody else's. What's that saying, 'don't compare your first chapter to someone's 10th' (or something like that). I believe this quote to be true. Focus on what you are doing, you'll enjoy it more. I am not anywhere near what other bloggers are doing but that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it any less. have great respect for every blogger out there who has done well for themselves. I love writing things that are important to me or that I think might help others. I love working with brands who value the less known bloggers to promote their brands. It's brands like them that give us the time to promote them. 

And with time, I like to be able to see it from a classic yet stylish watch. Nordgreen watches are one of the most beautiful timeless watches that have caught my eye in a very long time. I was a sucker for a chunky watch but I wanted something that was chic and one that I could wear at any occasion. I have now won the watch for about 2 weeks and not only do I love the compliments that I have received while wearing the watch but I love that fact that you can change its strap to match my mood or even my outfit. There are three faces that you can chose from. I opted for the Philosopher and in silver because we all know I only wear silver. Their watches are top quality and comfortable with an affordable price tag. 

I read so many blogs from other bloggers about blogging lately and I am not the only one who has felt this way, especially those who started of as bloggers and have now moved on to other means such as youtube. Anybody can be a blogger these days and it is a word that can be spread into many different sectors. It's all about how you do it I guess....only time will tell! 

 In collaboration with  Nordgreen

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Get it done with a to do list...

So now that we are a few weeks into the New Year, how is everybody getting on with their resolutions? 

People always think that New Years mean new resolutions, changing yourself, taking something on or giving something up. Why? What was wrong with the old you? I use to be the same and think that I would have to start something new, like getting fit and healthy at the beginning of every year and go the gym; I chose to do that at a different time in my life and I've stuck to it. You don't have to change just because it is a new year. 

What I will say is this...the best advice that was given to me and now that I swear by is to have a to do list. Trust me people, it was the best thing I did. It definitely clears your mind for some more head space too and you can get a decent night sleep. 

I have a very important job which requires a lot deadlines and things that need to get done. As well as that, I have other commitments and trust me it can get a little overwhelming and busy in my little head. I would be awake for hours while everything was going around in my head of what I had to do. So the best thing I did was to write things down and that's when things started to get done. It really does clear the mind. 

I am old school and and the old pen and paper is my preferable choice. Those that know me will know that I LOVE stationary and so for me its another reason to go and purchase one a new notepad (trust me, soon I'll be able to open my very own stationary shop). I have written some of my tips of getting through a to do list or a list that works well for you.

1. Do not let it go past 1-2 pages. 
This clearly depends on the size of your notepad. I tend to go for smaller ones so that I can fit them in my bags and carry them with me. However if you are at work and have it for the day, I would say aim for half a page of things to get through. Otherwise you will never get it done. 

2. Tick it off. 
This may seem like an obvious one but trust me, the amount of times I forget to tick things off that I have done has been ridiculous. 

3. Be realistic.
Again, this may sound like an obvious one but in actual fact it might not always be the case. There are things that may need a longer time and may not be able to get done quickly. Maybe colour code what needs to be done that day/week/month. This might be another good reason to talk about stationary again. 

4. Do not stress.
I may not have a resolution but this is something that I am going to be working on this year. The to do list s to help you to destress. By having it written down and in front of you makes it real. You will want to tick that off. It makes you feel that you have accomplished something and who does;t feel good when you have ticked something of your list and accomplished it. 

Okay, I know I am no expert but these tips are what I use to follow to make sure that I do not lay awake at night thinking 'I must remember this' or 'I must ring that person to do that'. It really does't help with you. These tips are only suggestions. I hope they help.  


Sunday, 31 December 2017

what a year!

Wow, I can't believe that this is the last day of 2017! Where has the year gone? 

This year has been an odd one (I feel like I've said that before). It has been a big year of change; some highs and sadly some very lows. Having said that, I think 2017 is the year that I learnt a lot about myself and that I am much stronger than I thought. 

I bought my first property and I think I am settling in. The flat is 95% complete with a few more bits and pieces to finish it off. I love driving home and coming back to the flat. Who would've thought? Ha! Even though I am still not a fan of cooking, I am working on making healthy meals for myself. Having said this, I miss living with my family and seeing them everyday. Of course I am including my two cheeky dogs into that. But I love having my own space.

The hardest part of this year was losing my Grandad so early on. I have to say that this has probably clouded every happiness that I have from this year. You do learn to cope and live with it. It sounds odd to say, but it almost is a different way of living because nothing is quite the same now. I am not saying this in a negative way but this is how I feel right now. I miss him so much but I know that he is near me and he's protecting me. 

Like I said before 2017 was a year of change and that meant saying goodbye to people but also building stronger relationships with others. Friends have been very important to me this year and I have had to learn the hard way about the true meaning of friendship and to value the ones that I have for they have made me the way I am and I cannot wait to have more fun with them. Here's to more fun and photos!!!

I have taken on a different adventure at work and although it is challenging and sometimes hard, I love that I am learning new things and building something great and helping others.  I hope next year will be a good one work wise. 

How could I forget my health and fitness! I have realised that I do not actually enjoy training myself as much. I've heard that this is the same for people. Going to the gym and training with Alex has been a God send his year, especially when I was going through some pretty difficult times. He still pushes me to my limit (and then some) but even through every pain and every moan, I really do appreciate the time he has put in and trained with me and the results I am getting. I went through a little gym rut recently, but snapped out of it. My body has changed so much over the year. I still have work to do but I know I can do it. He hasn't left me just yet so fingers tightly crossed to some more hard work. You are a true buddy Alex!  Since moving into the flat, I am becoming more strict with my diet and what I eat. I am looking forward to training harder, working on my body and eating better in 2018. Watch this space!

As for my blog...I still hope to continue blogging. I have a few posts almost ready so that's exciting. My goal this coming year is more photos. I have taken to loving the camera a little more (still shy to be in front of one, but working on that). I want to say thank you to those who read my blog and email me when they do. I do appreciate it. 

I hope that 2018 is a great year for everybody. Let's make it a good one xx


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Got to love a bit of sportswear

If you had said to me a few years ago that I would be wearing trainers and sportwear, I probably would've laughed in your face. Since I started going to the gym, I have really enjoyed buying sportswear. If you has asked me what Physiq Apparel was or Gym Shark I would not have had a clue. Now they are are two of my favourite sports brands around. 

The greatest thing about it is that the sport style is changing so it doesn't just have to be leggings and a baggy t-shirt (although I am partial to this look). 

So many major street brands are creating their own sportswear looks that it is so much easier to buy.... and let's face it, it's fun. Although my two favourite brands are still Nike and Adidas; Primark , H & M ,  New Look , Miss Guided , Boohoo , Forever 21 , Asos , Victoria Secret Pink , Gym Shark are just some of the places that are selling some great stuff at the moment and becoming my go to shop. 

I tend to stick to black when I train (there's a surprise) but every now and then I like to add a bit of colour whether it's with a pair of trainers (which if you follow me on Instagram, you will see) or leggings. I also love a statement top (ironic for someone who is shy) but I do like to let my clothes even at the gym do the talking. 

You can tell me if I am lying but choosing an outfit for the gym can sometimes be just as hard as choosing an outfit to wear out. I like to be comfortable when I am working out because God knows I look like a sweaty mess at the end of it but I also like adding a little style when I workout. Please please please do not get me wrong, I am at the gym to work hard and trust me, my trainer Alex wouldn't let me leave without looking like I've learnt it. I just like to add a bit of chic to my sporty wardrobe but being comfortable, practical and allowing my body to move while training and be free to breathe is my number one priority because working out shouldn't mean being boring. Even an all black outfit can still look stylish.   

hoodie (here) 
leggings (here)
trainers (similar here) 

Please note that this is not an ad. These are my opinions of places where i have shopped and loved. 


Sunday, 17 September 2017

M.I.A and property stress: the life of a first time buyer.

Welcome back September!

I can't believe it is September already. Where has the time gone? The only thing I enjoy about this month is the chunky jumpers that get to come out. 

I should probably explain my absence for a while. I have just about been managing to post outfits on my Instagram but sadly my blog has sadly taken a back seat (which is annoying as I wrote a few posts over the summer, some that I cannot post now). Over the last few months, I have been in the process of buying my very first property. 

The journey has not been plain sailing let me tell you. I have never had to handle so much paperwork in all my life (and I have another job that involves paperwork!!). I had been property searching for about 6 months before I found one in May. I was a bit skeptical about going to view another flat after seeing my fair share of disasters. 

I fell in love with it straight away. Those who know me, know my style and this one had my name all over it. Luckily I brought my mum along with me and she agreed that it was "very me". I put an offer on it as soon I got home and it was accepted. You would think that I could get excited? Nope!!! 

All summer I have been busy chasing people, finding documents, sorting out solicitors etc. Thank God for my broker Sam. I couldn't have done half of it without his help. I wish I could say that the property is finally mine, but sadly I am still waiting for solicitors to complete their part of the process (and they have not been easy). Just keep emailing and calling. They will probably hate you by the end of it. ha. 

If I have learnt anything by this experience, it is that it really does test your patience and stress levels buying a property in the UK. My anxiety levels have been crazy, especially thee last few weeks where things are getting to the point of completion with a few delays along the way. The only word I can describe for all this is frustration. Frustration because it is out of your hands. 

If you are somebody like me, who didn't know anything about property or how to start with all the paper work than a broker is definitely a great choice. They can be so helpful. This will test you, so having people around you to keep you sane is law in my opinion. I do not think I could've done this without them. It is not so straight forward and it is not easy but just hang in there. Trust me. I know that those words are easier said than done. 

Like I said, this is still not over yet, so the bubbles will have to stay in the fridge a little longer but fingers crossed it happens soon. Fingers crossed I have good news for you soon. 

Jumper - Here
Trousers - Here

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

I have my eye on you!

I didn't really want to write much in April, but May is now upon us (where did the time go?) and I wanted to share my item of the month. 

I have a confession, I am not very adventurous when it comes to my make up. Don't get me wrong, I like make up but to do it myself...I would probably end up like Rachel in Friends after Ross does her make up (classic). I like to keep it simple. The only thing I like to change is the way I wear my eye liner. 

I do get asked what I use on my eyes as I like a dark eye. But to be honest, it involves a good eye liner, a little liquid liner and a good mascara (and there you have it). 

I normally stick to high street brands, but I am really liking the Charlotte Tilbury range. I love her eye liner. It's soft, it's long lasting and sits perfectly.

I like to put a layer of  liquid liner on top to make it darker, thicker and to make it neater; a skill that can be challenging in itself.

Finally I top it off with a nice layer of mascara. There are so many good options out there. My favourites are definitely Rimmel, Maybeline and Barry M. 

Like I said, I am no expert when it comes to make up and I don't pretend to be. I am still learning. What are your favourite eye products? I would love know. 


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Day by day.

Watching the media lately about Prince Harry opening up about mental health and how he dealt with his mother's death, I felt that I needed to write this piece and hopefully it will help any of you as it helps me as I write it. 

I have been absent from my blog for a little while. I sadly lost my grandad very recently. It was a complete shock and something I don't think I'll be getting over for a while

I have been lucky to have all my grandparents with me for this long. I don't know many people my age who are as fortunate so I count my blessings that I got/get (I still have 3 living grandparents) to know them for as long as I did/do and know that I will have good memories of them all. 

I was his first (of two) grandchildren and we were very close. Like everybody else, I would stay with him on school holidays and go to the beach when we would go to Spain. He was a happy go lucky man and he loved to have a laugh and dance the night away in fiestas. But above all, he loved life! Over the last few years, he was so happy. I would talk to him on the phone and he would tell me about what he was up to. He would always ask when we were going to visit him and his face would light up whenever we were with him. Since his heart attack a while ago, he looked after himself and made sure he ate and drank well. And how could I forget the sight of my grandad doing squats in his living room....a very entertaining sight. 

One thing I do know; he loved my sister and me very much. Meeting people over the last few weeks and them telling me how he use to talk about us just showed this. He was loved by so many. Coming from a small town in Spain, he knew everybody. Why wouldn't he?? He would talk to anybody. I wish I was more like him. 

It has been a complete shock, one that I am not over and probably never going to get over. I miss him terribly. But I know that I am only at the start of this process but reading what Prince Harry went through when he lost his mother, made me come back to my laptop once again and feel like I needed to write this. It was just something that I needed to do.  Many would think, why would you do that? Call it a comfort if you will. 

My worry that it may trigger my anxiety has crossed my mind and right now I do not know if it will, but what I will say is that I know myself well enough to know the symptoms and when I need to ask for help I will. Keeping it bottled up will not help you. Get the help that you need, when you need it.  

Grief is dealt with very differently by everybody. Some people get on with things, with others, it takes time. I on the other hand go through good days and bad days. I mananaged to get back to the gym and train with Alex which has helped a lot. Chatting to friends and people has helped too and I couldn't have gone through this without them. 

Somebody recently said to me on an Instagram post that there is light at the end of the tunnel and I do hope so. Keeping my mind busy has helped a lot, whether it is hitting the gym, catching up on work for my other job, researching my next projects for this little blog or even just walking the dogs. Remember it is what helps you. There is no right or wrong way of going through this. I was told that you have to go through this process and take each day as it comes and that is what I am planning to do; day by day. 
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