Monday, 23 February 2015

And the Oscar goes too...

Wow, another great night at the Oscars!! It looked amazing with so many worthy winners. I am so glad Eddie Redmayne finally got his award. He truly deserved it. 
And now lets gets to my favourite part of the night...the gowns (how did you guess).

So sequins and gems were the clear winners on this years red carpet. I thought that the outfits this year really outdid themselves, making them on of the best collections of dresses I have seen. So these were just some of my worthy winners...who were yours?

Cate Blanchett in John Galliano for Maison Margiela and Tiffany & Co jewellery 

Marion Cotillard in Dior Couture

Emma Stone in Elie Saab

Julianne Moore in Chanel Couture

Sienna Miller in Oscar De La Renta

Dakota Johnson in Saint Laurent

Margot Robbie in Saint Laurent

Anna Kendrick in Thakoon

lots of love

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

The ultimate blogger accessory - the camera!

So I am still learning (reading other blogs and online courses) and ticking of a few things in order to improve my blog. I've been reading a lot from other bloggers and taking notes on how to create a good blog. I have really enjoyed blogging this week now just need to stick with balancing things (bloggers target). 

I love photos, and I will admit, I am not the biggest fan of selfies but I know it comes with the territory. Now although I love to use my phone as I always have it on hand, I have always wanted to own a good camera. But the question is...which one do I purchase???

I have dreamt of a Canon DSLR for a years, but there are so many out there. Which one do I go for? Recently I came across the Olympus Pen E- PL7 camera from looking at other blogs on instagram and it was love at first sight!!

Now many people may think that this is a no-brainer, but really, this is hard!! So I ask, what camera would you recommend? 

lots of love

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey - our adult version of Frozen.

I want to talk about the phenomenon of this film. Now I know there will be some people who may look at this post and ask why am I writing it. But let's be is everywhere!!! Yes I have read the books (several times) and I was a little nervous as to how the film was going to look like; whether it was will stick to the book, whether it will be tasteful etc. Answer; it is all of that. Obviously the film cannot have everything in the book but it was well done. There are people who were expecting more s&m in the film, you clearly haven't read the book as if you take away all the rope and leather, it is just a romantic love story of two people who have never been in love before and test out eachother's boundaries. When reading the book, this is what I loved about it. I am a hopeless romantic so to see it on screen, I was over the moon (apart from having a massive crush on Jamie Dornan since the once upon a time years). 

There are times in your life when a book, a song (avecii - wake me up) or a film, comes into your life when you are going through a difficult time. This book has been like that for a lot of people, myself included. So yesterday, my very good friend and I decided to become fans for the day and queued up for hours (6 hours to be precise). Sometimes you just need those days to feel like a teenage fan, ha! Yes I am aware of my age. 

E.L.James was amazing!!! A lovely person and she doesn't just sign your book, she actually wants to talk to you and  ask you questions. I have not met many 'celebs' in my time but I have known some to be quite difficult. Even after her books selling millions and the film becoming a global hit, she still seems as humble as anyone else. Thank you E.L.James. I think a lot of women owe you a lot!!! 

You could say that this film has been a huge hit for adults just like Frozen was for children and I cannot wait to see how the other 2 books are portrayed on the screen.

Laters baby 


Monday, 16 February 2015

How do you spend Valentine's day?

I have never been a big fan of Valentine's Day to be honest. It's either a day you either love or you hate. Yes, I will agree that it is always nice to get that special rose or gift from that 'secret admirer', but if you are with the one you love then any day in the year should be Valentine's Day (yes, my hopeless romantic side is coming out as I write this). 

When I was with someone, I always thought that our anniversary was always much more special as it was our day,a day when we decided that we wanted to be together and it was personal to us. Valentines day was always a little bonus. 

Now I am not going to lie, I was dreading the day as my second year of singleton, but having survived the first one and other days in between, I came to the realization that you can choose how you make Valentines day. What I mean is; am I going to spend it at home in a Bridget Jones style fashion or am I going to embrace this chapter in my life and choose to celebrate it in style. Well you can guess which option I chose. There was no way, I was going to feel sorry for myself for being single. 

My day started, shopping and lunch with a friend. But my evening consisted on a lovely 3 course meal with 3 of my very good friends. I cannot remember the last time I had such a lovely Valentines catching up with people that matter in my life. 

To top of my amazing day, I indulged in a little Christian Grey and enjoyed watching Fifty Shades of Grey (10/10).

Do something you wouldn't normally do, or go and spend it doing something you love or with people that are special in you life. Just because you are not going out on 'that date' does not mean you cannot dress up. I guess I am waffling on a bit, but what I am trying to say, is that Valentines day can be a difficult time, and believe me I know, I have been there, but don't let it get you down.

lots of love

Wearing a jumper for Lauren Pope's fashion line from, ripped Jeans from Topshop, chunky boots from River Island and Bag from Balenciaga


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What's your shade of grey?

Blog readers, if you are excited as I am about the new Fifty Shades of Grey as I am than we are onto a winner.
But if you are like me and wear black religiously, adding a little grey into the mix always can always bring out an outfit. 
Here I have found a few pieces and where they are from that you can include into your wardrobe. But what is your shade of grey? 

Grey boots from River Island reduced to £30

Grey Suede Fringed Cross Body Bag from River Island at £45

Grey Smart Culottes from River Island at £35

Grey Leather-look Trim Fedora hat from River Island at £25

Heather Textured Tailored Boyfriend Coat from Miss Guided at £60

Oversized T-shirt Dress from miss Guided at £20

Only Woven Blouse from at £22

MOTO Grey Ripped Jamie jeans from Topshop at £42

Enjoy adding a little Grey to your life 
lots of love


Monday, 9 February 2015

Grammy's vs. Bafta

It was a night of winner last night both here in the UK and in America. Yes both the Grammy's and the Bafta's were on last night and that could only mean one thing...double admiration of clothes worn. But who were the worthy winners? I've chosen some of my favourite outfits. 

Bafta night
Quite a sophisticated night at the Baftas with amazing gowns worn. Here are just some of my favourites. 

Yummy mummy to be Keira Knightly in Giambattista Valli

Reese Witherspoon in Stella McCartney

Julianne Moore in Tom Ford

Laura Bailey in Emilia Wickstead

One thing I love about the Grammy's is that anything goes. I love the diversity of the gowns and the way people will push the boat out and not go for a simple look.  One of my favourites has to be Gwen Stefani in that amazing jumpsuit. Here are some other 
gowns that caught my eye. 

Beyonce in Proenza Schouler

Rhianna in Giambastti Valli

Taylor Swift in Elie Sabb

Gwen Stefani in Atelier Versace

Rita Ora in Prada

To me, these gowns are a piece of art. But which one would you wear?
lots of love

(Pictures from Vogue Uk)

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