Friday, 24 July 2015

Going natural like Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West recently did a photo shoot for Spanish Vogue without any make up. 
I really liked the shoot. It was nice to see Kim stripped back and natural. 

I thought I would take a few pictures of myself without any make up on as a montage to that photo shoot. I think Kim is generally pretty so it was nice to see her to a photo shoot like this. 

I love make up, but I also love coming home and taking of my make up off and if I know I am going to have a lazy day, I sometimes do not even put it on. Now unlike Kim, I did not have an amazing team with incredible lightning behind me so I had to make do with selfies and the natural lighting (angle is everything, ha). 

So enjoy a make up free day every now and then everyone. Especially now that it is the Summer, let the sun sunkiss that face.

(pictures used from Kim Kardashians West's Instagram)


Tuesday, 21 July 2015


After much consideration, I am happy to announce that I have finally joined the Olympus Pen camera. 

I can't tell you how much I have wanted a camera. When I wrote about a piece about which camera to buy before, I have been a blogger on a mission. As much as I would love to have a camera, I need to be realistic; I am still building on my little blog so I need to start small. 

I mentioned recently that I had been to a Topshop and Olympus event where I met some amazing people. I even had my picture taken by an Olympus. Unreal wanted to make sure that I had seen the camera and checked what it can do before I invested in it. And I am so happy that I did. 

I am still getting the hang of it, so if you have any recommendations or tips then please do forward them my way. 

Lots of love 


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

June favourites.

June has been a crazy month for me. Work has been manic, hence the lack of blogs (which I hate) but am counting down until the summer holidays and I cannot wait. 
June has also been another month of purchasing some amazing things, so here goes. 

My first buy this month was my amazing red shoes from Topshop. When I first saw them, I wasn't sure but once I tried them on, well it was love at first sight. They are comfortable despite being super pointy (so break them in before wearing them out) and they just can just finish of an outfit. Now as we know (I may have mentioned it before..ha) I love wearing black. So by adding these to my outfit really completed the look but also made the shoes stand out even more which I think they should. I also like pairing them up with blue denim and a white T-shirt or ofcourse stripes. 

Next is my amazing Whistle and Bango bracelet. Everybody knows how much I love wearing bracelets. I stumbled along this one when looking through twitter. They are a company that create bracelets with your postcodes. Each postcode carries a different colour, but the best thing is that you can get them personalised. These are great gift for someone. 

I went to the 10th Wireless celebration with a group of friends and of course I wanted a new top and wellies (it is festival season after all). I bought this black top from Topshop (although many shops sell similar styles to this one). I didn't wear it in the end as I opted for a more hippie look, but I kept the top as it would look lovely with a pair of jeans and heels or with a nice pair of shorts and flat sandals. It's such a versatile top. I love it!

 As well as the top, I decided to buy a new pair of wellies. I have a pair of Hunter wellies already which I absolutely love, especially when I walk my little dogs, but they are knee high ones. I knew that the weather was going to be amazing, but as i always love the idea of wearing wellies to festivals, so it was my best excuse. I went for these black calf wellies. They are super comfortable but word of warning: wear long socks with them. I have the scars to prove it. 


So what were you favourite buys from June? 

Lots of Love

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