Monday, 14 November 2016

What's hidden under your winter jumper??

Now we all know that once winter comes, it's time for us to put away all our summer clothes and pull out the winter wardrobe, which means...covering up. Now I quite like winter because I love a chunky jumper and feeling all snug. Having said this,there is always that misconception that just because you cover up, it means you can't feel sexy or stylish. Wrong!!!

For those of you that read my blog, you know that I am all about building confidence, so when Adore Me contacted me about feeling sexy in winter, I thought this was a great post to write about. I spent ages looking at not only their underwear but also their beautiful nightwear and of course how could I not, their sportswear. Like I said, I love wearing a chunky jumper, but that does't mean that your Bridget Jones big knickers need to come out. No, No, No!!! I feel that when the big pants come out, I feel a little sluggish and not cool at all. But this year, I am making more of an effort to make sure that I feel confident and if a little bit of lace is going to do that, then I am going enjoy it. 

Feeling confident in yourself does not need to leave the building as soon as we cover up for the cold. Far from it, we should still make an effort and embrace it for ourselves if anything. That is what I like about Adore Me. They want you to be confident all year round which is why I was so happy to write this post. There is nothing sexier than a chunky jumper and a lace bralette combo (my favourite combo). I always think that there is something more sexy and mysterious about a girl who wears a bit of lace under a chunky knit.

So please ladies, do not put your lace away. Show it, enjoy it, wear it with style and confidence, whether it be under a jumper or peaking out ever so slightly from a v-neck t-shirt or shirt. Be sexy for you. 

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